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Perfect Pastel

Let’s face it, if you didn’t watch the Oscar’s for the red carpet looks last night you have seen them on every blog this morning. With pastel purples from Mila Kunis and Marisa Tomei, pastel pink fromĀ Hailee Steinfeld and light neutrals from Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and many more it has us thinking soft colors. Today’s inspiration is all girl and was inspired by Hailee Steinfeld’s girlie look. We loved her tulle, tea length dress, pulled back hair with head band and neutral colored pumps. We paired her perfect, pastel pink with robin’s egg blue and today’s board is complete. If you made an inspiration board from an Oscar look who would you pick as your inspiration?

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Dress Up Time

Yes, it’s that time of year again; dress up time! I loved Halloween as a little girl and how I could be anything I wanted for that one day of the year. More times than not I was a ballerina. I always wanted to create my own costume out of yards and yards of fabulous tulle and pretty pinks, but my mom had a different agenda. She would pull out one of my leotards, get me a new tiara and a new tu-tu and call it good. I would go house to house with my best ballerina walk and at the end of the night I would pass out like a light. If I could go back to those days I would still dream of yards and yards of tulle and a fabulous corset. Now that I am older maybe I will turn in the days of old for a new ballerina look. I love today’s inspiration board and how it combines all of that. So, what will you be for Halloween?

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Shades of Tulle

I LOVE tulle! What’s more couture and fabulous then chic dresses in the perfect shade? I think the last time I wore tulle was to my high school prom, and it was never this fabulous. Could you imagine sitting at the Dior fashion show only to see these beauties walk down the runway? I know it was way better than the prom pictures of me walking down the “red carpet.” I don’t think I will ever wear tulle again, I will however admire the models who get to wear these couture creations.

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