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A Vintage Summer

With clouds out the window today it is easy to imagine that it is cooler than the thermostat is reading. Since we are dreaming of a cool breeze, why not dream little further. I’d love to be in a vintage swimsuit with a cute hat on. Give me a refreshing drink and a bike and I am good to go. What are you day dreaming about today?





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Beach Blues

Summer is here, and I am in love with the beach right now. How perfect would a beach wedding, in shades of blue, be? These precious invitations with seersucker blue, placed in a natural envelope, set the tone for the wedding. I love the trend of all white, and how adorable are these bridesmaids with their parasols. Fresh, summer food is also a big hit and easy to do with a small guest list. From healthy, hearty summer salads to spinach and ricotta ravioli, what guest wouldn’t love eating these goodies at a wedding. Smaller guest lists are ideal for fun seating; I adore this low table with pillows as chairs. Don’t forget the cake. With an intimate setting, and laid back but formal feel try something different like this blue bridal cake. Who wants to get married on the beach; I’m ready to plan this fabulous event!

Images via: Brancoprata styling weddings, invitations; oh so beautiful paper by Jess Lehry Designs photographed by Ken Kienow, Style Me Pretty – via design darling, My Sweet and Saucy, cook your dream, wedding whimsy tumblr – via Pinterest, oh hello you pretty things tumblr

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Drinks & Desserts

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t quite come back to reality after a wonderful (long) holiday weekend. So, since there isn’t another holiday coming up for a while I thought I would throw a party on today’s blog post! How adorable are these colors for a drinks and desserts party? Fresh strawberry or raspberry, peach or orange and lemon sorbet paired with vanilla and lemon cake. Serve orange, mint and rose cocktails; the color and flavor palate is light and summer fresh. Pull the menu together with the decor by adding some fresh flowers and fun chairs. You could also send out a cute invitation or find some precious place mats. The more I fantasize about this fabulous party, the more I want to make it a reality… I think I just may. Who would like to be on the guest list?

Images via: Design Sponge, Wolf and Willow, Martha Stewart, Julyens, Simply Fun Stuff, Nordlijus

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Hang up Summer

It’s official, September is here and that means fall weather is on its way. It’s time to hang up summer and all of the pastel colors that come with it. I am in love with today’s board and the fresh, bright colors it includes. Although fall is right around the corner, and all of my cute clothes are being shifted to the back of the closet, this summer has been a great one. We have had so many fun new clients and events, and our apparel line is growing and growing (a big announcement is coming soon!). What have been your best summer 2010 memories? Your own wedding/event, time at the beach in the sun, moving, re-decorating/painting? We would love to hear!

Images via: The Alternative Wife

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Fashionable Chanel

I’ll have to admit I have been looking for a reason, for quite awhile, to feature this adorable shoot by JL DESIGNS, and today I have it! Our adorable summer intern Nicole (who even brought us KUPCAKZ) is leaving to go back to school at THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. Being true to Nicole’s school colors I had to feature this board. The theme is even Chanel! If you only knew how truly fashionable our intern is you would know this board describes her to a T. So, happy travels Nicole! We hope you had as much fun in the office this summer as we did having you here, and your last semester of school is memorable. (We are secretly jealous of your wine tasting class)

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Cold Front

This morning I got to work and began my daily routine, but something was off. I figured oh well this too shall pass and kept going. When it came time to start blogging I started with SOUTHERN WEDDINGS and it hit me. This photo, of the dress hanging in front of all of these vibrant colors, turned on the light bulb, it’s not 104 degrees today! A ‘cold front’ came through and it’s only supposed to be 94 degrees in Tulsa. Whew, with the clouds out and the sun not beaming on the black top I thought I would put together a bright summer board. The dress came from WSCOTTCHESTER‘s website and once I began clicking, I couldn’t stop. So, here you have it a bright, summer inspiration board filled with frilly and girlie flowers, a snazzy tie and adorable Chinese lanterns. I love summer and the cold fronts that come with it.

Images via: wscottchester

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Summer Heat

Hello Oklahoma summer! The heat is here and the index is rising, we’re just glad our AC in the office works! Since the heat is here we figured you might as well make it look good. With the warm summer shades and free flowing hair, this photo captures it all. I hope your Monday is great and you stay cool in the Summer heat.

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A Few of my Favorite Things…

I noticed after I began putting together my inspiration for today that I am really in love with light pinks and neutral shades (tomorrow will be bright, I promise). I also noticed that everything in today’s post are my favorite things. Starting with the color pink, what girl doesn’t love the color pink? I don’t own a huge hat, I think that will be my quest for this week/weekend, but I LOVE them and have decided I need one, much like this one. I love everything floral; the smell… the textures… flowers are all spring and that’s my favorite season. If I said I love sweets, that would be an understatement. Thank goodness for the elliptical because after all of the sweets I have had in the last week it is my best friend. Other things I love include fabulous silks, girlie boutiques, accessories with bows and adorable shoes. I ‘heart’ every one of my favorite things and I hope you love some of my favorite things, too. What are some of your favorites, I would love to hear!

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Summer Shades

Today is the first day there seems to be a break in the summer heat. While I am very excited about it, I am ready for the sun to come back out and stop hiding behind the clouds. Perhaps I should just take a trip to the beach with some friends, and hang out on the sand until the sun goes down. All I would really need is a fabulous maxi dress, much like this one. Oh Oklahoma, I love you, but I need a beach today.

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Happily Ever After

Today’s inspiration board is a complete day dream, and screams happily ever after. The combination of light peach, pink, blue and nude with touches of grey and silver are the perfect color palate. All you need is a summer day and guests for this wedding by the lake. Vintage details in the napkin rings, votives and books finish off the perfect day. Don’t forget the DIY details in the aisle runners and programs. Top it off with personalized, pick your own, bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party. I don’t think there is enough time in the day to soak up all of the calm details in today’s board.

Images via: Style Me Pretty, Flickr

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