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The Royal Wedding

It’s official, we are obsessed with the Royal Wedding! Yes, we woke up at 4:00am CST to attend a watch party at 5:00am CST and loved every minute of it. Here is our recap of the perfect day!

Katherine walked into Westminster Abbey this morning a vision in white, Alexander McQueen to be exact, and did she ever get it right. He dress was a gorgeous silhouette with the perfect ratio of tradition and modern tied together. With her veil blowing in the wind and tiara, a gift from the Queen, on her head her look was complete. We fully agree that Kate’s decision to do her own makeup was the correct one, and her bouquet was the perfect compliment to her frame. Congratulations to the new Duchess of Cambridge, you sure knew how to pull together the perfect bridal look!

The wedding party also looked dashing! Pippa, Kate’s sister and maid of honor, was also dressed in McQueen. Her fitted dress was flawless and complimented Kate’s to a “T.” Let’s not forget the best man, Prince Harry, in his regal uniform. Is it just me or does the fact he rode with the children in the carriage make him that much more attractive? Speaking of children, how adorable are these little ones! We’re definitely a fan!

Once in the church it was time for  the ceremony. The trees in the Abbey were the perfect touch, and look at the red carpet. It’s rumored that Harry spoke to William before he saw Kate saying, “wait until you see her.” It’s moments like that we swoon over. In the pictures of Wills, as the British call him, and Kate it’s clear their love for each other. This photo of her wrinkle nose, big smile is a favorite and look at them exiting the church; pure joy.

With all of the stunning photos of the bride and groom, who could look over the fashion. We adore the Queen in her canary yellow and how beautiful is Kate’s mother in pale blue. Fasteners are the new accessory and there were plenty in all colors, shapes and sizes. Of course we had to include a photo of the Beckham’s – they’re the perfect fashion icon. David was looking dapper and look at Posh with her baby bump.

With the ceremony and infamous kiss all a thing of the past here are a few of our favorite things from today. First, we adore how comfortable and in love the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are. We are excited to watch their lives unfold as part of history. How cute was it when William couldn’t get Kate’s ring on her finger. Neither of them showed a since of panic, but the ring was soon on and it was evident they were meant for each other. The kiss from the balcony at Buckingham Palace was all it lived up to be and their getaway car was great! They are certainly not afraid to be themselves and have some fun. Last, look at this cake! Kate designed it herself and it certainly is a work of art.

Congratulations William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! We may not have been there, we definitely do not know you, but were excited to be a part of history with the fairy tale of a lifetime. Thank  you for sharing your day with the entire world. 🙂

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A Few of my Favorite Things…

I noticed after I began putting together my inspiration for today that I am really in love with light pinks and neutral shades (tomorrow will be bright, I promise). I also noticed that everything in today’s post are my favorite things. Starting with the color pink, what girl doesn’t love the color pink? I don’t own a huge hat, I think that will be my quest for this week/weekend, but I LOVE them and have decided I need one, much like this one. I love everything floral; the smell… the textures… flowers are all spring and that’s my favorite season. If I said I love sweets, that would be an understatement. Thank goodness for the elliptical because after all of the sweets I have had in the last week it is my best friend. Other things I love include fabulous silks, girlie boutiques, accessories with bows and adorable shoes. I ‘heart’ every one of my favorite things and I hope you love some of my favorite things, too. What are some of your favorites, I would love to hear!

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Strawberry Farms

If you’re a wedding blog stalker, like I am, I am sure you have seen this adorable wedding. Just the name, Strawberry Farms, says it all. I love the simple flowers with pops of red and yellow. How adorable is this bride? I would be that happy with a wedding like this, too. The lanterns down the aisle are original, not to mention flat out cute. I would kill to receive an invitation in the mail like this one, even better be a bridesmaid. All of their vintage hats and flower pot bouquets are to die for. I’ve fallen in love with Strawberry Farms and I’ve never been there.

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