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Twinkle Lights and Christmas Green

I don’t know about you but I love that people are getting away from always pairing the stereotypical Christmas colors of red and green together. Don’t get me wrong I love red and green, but I love that the two colors can stand alone. If I were to pick one I would definitely go with green. I love the soft shades to dark evergreen, and you can find green everywhere. I absolutely love this print, how fabulous would wrapping paper be made from this! These bangles would be the perfect stocking stuffer for any fashionista and I wish I knew where this adorable little green dress came from! Don’t forget the twinkle lights! From young to old there is just something magical about twinkle lights. Whether it be how they shimmer in the snow, or complete a Christmas tree they are the perfect touch to add to your Christmas green.

Images Via: Dress, Door, Carousel

Please forgive me as I lost most of my credits for this fabulous inspiration board.

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Moody Blue

Blue is such a mood color and this inspiration board says it all. I love this gorgeous dress and how it flows in the wind. The old door and the old tack tray with bright spools of blue thread add to the mood of today’s board. If you had to pick a mood color today, what would your color be?

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Hang up Summer

It’s official, September is here and that means fall weather is on its way. It’s time to hang up summer and all of the pastel colors that come with it. I am in love with today’s board and the fresh, bright colors it includes. Although fall is right around the corner, and all of my cute clothes are being shifted to the back of the closet, this summer has been a great one. We have had so many fun new clients and events, and our apparel line is growing and growing (a big announcement is coming soon!). What have been your best summer 2010 memories? Your own wedding/event, time at the beach in the sun, moving, re-decorating/painting? We would love to hear!

Images via: The Alternative Wife

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Case of the Blues

Have you ever had the case of the blues? I have, but today’s inspiration board is a different kind of blues. I love the shades of blue and tan and how calm this board makes me feel. Whether its the lanterns swaying on the porch, reading a classic book curled up in a big chair, or listening to the grass rustle in the wind; these blues are different. I hope today’s inspiration is as calming to you, as it is me, before your weekend gets here.

Images via: Southern Weddings, coco+kelley, just be splendid, style me pretty, pretty.little.world

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Open Door

It’s Friday and that means the weekend is an open door to so many possibilities. I am so in love with these gorgeous photos in black and white that I had to share them with you. It’s like each of these brides are so excited to step through the door into a new world. How about that dress on the top row. Her train is beyond words, and any of these tiny details would be perfect for any brides day. I am in love with the pearl detail on the bouquet handle and the anemone¬†bouquet on the window. Congratulations to this weekends brides. I hope everyones weekend is an open door no matter what you may be doing.

Images via: Vue Photography, Jose Villa, Miles Witt Boyer, Southern Weddings, Tanja Lippert Photography

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Country Comfort

The weather is so beautiful today it makes me want to pull out a big blanket and go sit under my favorite tree. So, when I found this picture (of the bride and groom under the tree) I knew it had to be part of today’s inspiration board. What could be more perfect that a southern wedding, on a family farm, under a huge tree? To me that says down home and perfect. I hope you enjoy today’s inspiration board and it takes you to your sunny, perfect place.

Southern Weddings, Jose Villa

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