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Meet Me Monday: Christina & Her Fiance Blair

For two and a half years I have been faithfully blogging on Zinke Design, and while I am so thankful for the experience I am so happy to have a new blog and company! I figured half of you may not really know who I am, or what I do, so I thought I would share. Will that be ok?

So this is me… My name is Christina Leigh Clayton and I own Christina Leigh Events. I love the sun and the soft colors of the spring. I’m not a fan of pop, I only drink water… and soy chai lattes. I love peonies, ranunculus, parrot tulips and soft texture flowers.  I love my family. I think snow looks best on a postcard, or looking at it out my window from the fireplace. I love Jesus. I have a degree in Communications from The University of Tulsa, I was a cheerleader in college. I want a mini goldendoodle and a great dane. I started buying wedding magazines with my allowance in fifth grade. I am OCD and color code everything. I am a Kappa Alpha Theta. I would be lost without my calendar. I love all of my brides… and their moms… and their soon to be moms. I’m a designer, planner and coordinator. I’ll be your best friend, help you pick out a dress, walk you through one of the best times of your life. I’ll think like a 13 year old to throw the best Bat/Bar Mitzvah you’ve ever been to. I love holiday parties and representing your brand. I am an event planner, I love what I do, and I would love to help plan, design and produce your next event!

If you’re getting to know me I thought I would introduce you to my soon to be Mr. also; meet Blair! I have walked so many brides though the wedding process and it has been so much fun! A little over a month ago I became a bride myself, and I am so excited to share my journey with you all. I’ll begin with how we re-met! It was April 10, 2010, I was at contestants day for Miss Oklahoma and got a phone call from a friend that a group was going to dinner and I should come. She also told me that Blair was in town. — Rewind four years. I remembered Blair from college; he played football and I cheered. The first time I ever met him was in the Kappa Alpha Theta house at TU. He was doing a class project with my Big, Sarah, and she briefly introduced us. — Of course I remembered the 6’6″ tall, sweet southern gentleman from Texas. I hadn’t been to dinner with a group of friends in awhile so I went. Being the sweet man Blair is, he offered me his chair so that I didn’t have to sit on the end. We ended up chatting for awhile and then we all headed to stop number two. We spoke there for awhile and then I called an early night and headed home. A couple of days later I sent Blair a Facebook message to say it was great to see him and I hoped he had a great trip back home. The message was the beginning of a never ending chain of messages. Needless to say, I’m glad I sent that message. 🙂 Next week I’ll be back to share our proposal story.

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What’s A Girl To Do About Her Shoes?

As many of you know I recently got engaged! It’s so fun to personally walk though what I have walked so many of my brides through. It’s also fun to do fun things with my mom like pick out my dress, look for shoes, and much more! (I can’t share too many details with you because my future Mr. likes to read my blog, hi hunny!) So, last night I was pinning on my Pinterest page and low and behold it was like an extra ray of sunshine came from a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin’s! I knew I had to hunt them down and have them for my special day. To be honest I’ve never had a pair of Louboutin’s and I definitely do not want to order the wrong size so this morning I went to Twitter with sizing questions. Of course the shoe fairy failed to make every shoe fit true to size, and what really is my shoe size? So, I’ve come up with a few tips for finding shoes for your special day.

  1. Get your dress first. This will allow you to see what style would go best with your attire. If your dress is satin and form fitted you may not want shoes with an obnoxious bow – it may get caught on the front of your gown when you walk.
  2. Research! Do you want flats, boots, strappy heals, sling back heels, platforms? Do you want a color, texture or pattern?
  3. Try your shoes on! As I said the shoe fairy did not make every shoe fit the same. While some sites like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus have size guides you want to make sure your shoes fit and are comfortable. You are the bride and you will not get to sit down for very long on your wedding day. If you will be dancing well into the night you want to make sure that beauty isn’t too much pain.
  4. Take your shoes to your dress fitting. Nothing is worse than using a pair of shoes at the dress store because they “look close to your shoes” and chopping off too much of your dress.

Just like your dress, jewelry and bouquet your shoes are as much of your wedding day look as anything else. Don’t rush into a decision, order them off line to receive them just in the knick of time – all for them to fit wrong.

Happy shoe shopping!



Images via: Miles Witt Boyer, Josh McCullock, Jose Villa, Jose Villa, Ace Cuervo, Candi Coffman, Candi Coffman

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Real Bride: Jacqueline & Brett

I am so excited to introduce you to Jacqueline, Brett and their little guy, Dallas! Jacqueline came to us in March and we have had a blast with her since then! She knew exactly what she wanted from colors to the music and we can’t wait for her wedding this Friday at The Mayo Hotel! Jacqueline has a background in violin so the music was very important to her. I definitely have to say that her ceremony music is the coolest thing I have ever heard! We can’t wait to share more with you soon, until then here’s Jacqueline’s story on her relationship with Brett! Happy wedding week Jacqueline and Brett!

I had been working at a gym for a few months and my manager had been injured for a while, so there had been different area directors temporarily filling in for her. I never knew who my boss would be come Monday morning. Sometimes there would be no boss so I got pretty comfortable managing myself. One Monday morning, I was running a little late. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, so even though I wasn’t going to make it in on time, I still had to grab a coffee on the way. (Back then, I was practically useless without my coffee and I was going to be late anyway.) I walked into work and noticed that everyone was pointing toward the manager’s office and talking amongst themselves. I walked over to my co-workers and they told me that there was a new replacement- his name was Brett. I knew of his name because all of the other clubs called each other from time to time, so I might have even spoke to him once or twice. Before I could introduce myself, he walked toward me; he smiled and said “Oh, are you my receptionist that was supposed to be here at 9 this morning? I’m Brett, nice to meet you.” I knew right then and there he had to be mine. A couple of months later, he finally got the courage to ask me out on our first date and the rest is history. We spent almost every day together. I eventually left the gym and we continued dating for a couple of years. In February 2010, we found out we were expecting our first baby. We couldn’t have been more excited. Dallas James Copeland was born on October 26, 2010, and he never ceases to bring joy into our lives each and every day. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. Later on in the summer, I came home from work; pregnant and exhausted, to find Brett sitting on the couch with a worried look on his face; he might have even been sweating a little bit. He told me he had changed some of our decorations around (you don’t mess with a pregnant chick who spent the entire weekend nesting). I didn’t hesitate at all, and I hastily walked over to the art niche by our entry way he was referring to, prepared to unleash the hormones- only to find the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, hanging from a golden ribbon. I was so dumbfounded, all I could do was stare. I turned around to find Brett down on one knee, asking me to marry him. He truly is my best friend and I can’t picture my life without him in it. Everyday I spend with him is better than the last. I can’t wait to marry him. 

Images via: Traina Weddings

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Real Bride: Jen

It seemed fitting that for today’s Trousseau Tuesday we feature our Zinke East Coast Sales Rep, Jen and her bridal portraits! What most people don’t know is the gown she wore for her bridal portrait session was not the same gown she got married in. Rewind three and a half weeks to wedding day; Jen’s bridal portrait day: The Oklahoma heat was in full force, even at 6:00am, and Josh McCullock was snapping away! Shannon Schroeder did Jen’s makeup and Ashley from Jara Herron Salon and Spa did Jen’s hair. We were rockin’ and rollin’ and having a great time! Needless to say the bottom of Jen’s dress got a little dirty from her Aunt Betsy’s backyard and tennis court. No biggie, the cleaners will be able to get that right out. Jen took the dress to be cleaned and they told her it would be ready in one short week. Fast forward one week: It was a Friday morning, two weeks before the wedding, and the office was buzzing with events, apparel meetings and Jen’s phone was ringing off the hook. Next thing you know I am looking up with Jen in front of me, her face in a state of shock as the words “they ruined my dress” come out of her mouth. I jump to my feet ready to take on whatever is to come. In short the dress was completely ruined by the chemical process it took to clean the dress; Jen was in tears and without her custom dream wedding gown. As soon as Jen was off the phone I was on the phone with Gabriella’s New York Bridal Salon, where the dress was purchased, as she told the rest of the Zinke girls what had happened. Jen’s maid of honor had already been in touch with the salon to give them a heads up of the situation. In the midst of preparing for hurricane Rita in New York, Leah Jen’s sales rep was awesome! She emailed me the measurement sheet complete with 17 measurements for Jen and I to fill out. I officially added seamstress to my bridal coordination resume and we got the measurements right back to Leah in NYC. The dress that took 6 weeks to make was now going to be rushed into production and back to Jen in Oklahoma in one week! Yes, we looked into plan B dresses just in case, but it wasn’t necessary. Even with NYC shut down the dress entered production, and arrived via expedited shipping on September 1, nine days before Jen’s wedding. She rushed to the tailor in Tulsa, OK to alter any last minute fitting needs and Jen was headed out of town to St. Louis for the weekend. She returned to Tulsa, picked up her dress the week of the wedding and it fit like a glove! I told Jen I had never been in this situation before, but we would get through it! Sure enough, we did and you would have never known the difference – outside of the high stress situation. A big thank you goes to Gabriella Bridal Salon for their quick response to recreate Jen’s dress and to Shannon, Ashley and Josh for being Jen’s bridal dream team! Here are a few of Jen’s bridal portraits and a sneak peek (from my phone camera) of Jen and her new husband, Steve, on their wedding day! We are so glad she is relaxing on the beach now; she deserves it!

Images via: Josh McCullock Photography

Image via: Christina – Zinke Design

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Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday and today we’re declaring our thanks! I am blessed every day with the job that I have! It is awesome to walk into the office and have emails, thank you notes, facebook messages, tweets and blog comments from awesome brides and fans! I don’t feel like I say “thank you” quite enough, so today is for you! Today is for every bride; past, present or future. Every mother, father, brother, sister and family member. Every bridesmaid, groomsmen, usher, guest book attendant, flow girl and ring bearer. Every guest at a Zinke Design wedding, fundraiser, Bat Mitzvah, dinner, holiday party or event. Every fan. Every blogger who has had Zinke Design on your blog. Every twitter friend who has retweeted us. Every vendor we have worked with; venues, photographers, florists, stationary store or company, entertainer, lighting crew, rental company, DJ, transportation provider, and so many more. It would be impossible to list everyone of you, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today is just for YOU, so have a piece of cake and celebrate!

Images via: James Walton Photography, Montag Photography, Artworks Photography, Candi Coffman Photography

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Why Use a Wedding Planner?

We often get asked, “why should I hire a wedding planner for my wedding day?” We promise it’s not just so we can be swept up into everything that is love as much as we do love, love. We enjoy getting to know our brides and what is important for their special day, but we are also here to take care of everything. Whether it be keeping the ring bearers attention long enough for the bridal party to take a few photos, tying the sash around your wedding gown or coming to the rescue with bobby pins, safety pins, a tide-to-go stick or a kleenex for mom – we are there.

(Images via: Ace Cuervo, Candi Coffman)

We are there through the entire planning process so on the day of your wedding Aunt Sue isn’t trying to keep track of everything to run a timeline. We are here to make sure the lighting is perfect and every last detail is taken care of, so Uncle Bob doesn’t accidentally forget the cake. We are here to make sure your mind can be at the end of the alter where your soon to be husband will be standing. Here to make sure you as a mom or dad, or sister or brother can spend the wedding day with your loved ones. So when it is time to put your shoes on, and walk down the aisle, we have the timeline and the checklist to make sure everything is in place.

(Images via: Ace Cuervo, Candi Coffman)

Why we think it’s important to hand all of the details and production over to a planner we are also here to help you with you budget. Preston Bailey states it best in his ARTICLE on who to call first. He says, “nonetheless, it’s in the bride’s best interest to call a planner first. A good planner will help a bride understand the process and give her a sense of which expectations are reasonable and which are unreasonable.” That is exactly what were are here to help you with.

Town & Country Wedding Advisors also have a few tips on why to hire a wedding planner:
“If you dream of a party where every detail is perfect. If you have your ideal wedding in mind but don’t quite know how to bring it to fruition. We are the little elves that wrap the presents and put them under the tree and turn the lights on and have the stockings stuffed and we disappear up the chimney before the children come down.” 
– Bronson van Wyck
“In addition to serving as a producer, designer, guest manager, concierge, counselor, diplomat and negotiator, one of the greatest benefits of hiring an event planner is his or her gift of giving brides the ability to “be in the moment” and be 100% present on their wedding day. I think, unfortunately, many brides and grooms can get so stressed out on their wedding day that they are not emotionally present and are not able to embrace and remember everything that is happening. Such a tragedy! When a bride works with an event planner, they should have 100% faith in that person and consequently should be able to relax, enjoy, and remember every second of their wedding day.”
 – Lisa Vorce
So if you are looking for a wedding planner, designer, producer, negotiator, counselor or someone to help guide you through this once in a life time journey – look no further. It’s wedding season and with wedding shows like the Tulsa Wedding Show in town this weekend it’s time to plan 2012 weddings! Contact for more information on how she can help you on your special day!
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We Have An Empty Chair

Calling all interns: We have an empty chair for you! The Zinke Design team is looking for a winter intern for September 1, 2011 – January 1, 2012. You must love design, interacting with people, coordinating schedules and following social media and marketing trends. The office is always buzzing and daily tasks could include, but are not limited too; assisting with inventory, scheduling client and vendor meetings, blogging, sourcing event items and creating client proposals, concepting event designs and updating social media sites. Our office is located on Brookside in Tulsa, OK and you must come in for your hours, but we do love taking lunch breaks for yummy food. 🙂 This winter is filled with weddings, dinners, fundraisers and a fabulous New Years Eve event you will not want to miss. So, if your detail oriented, punctual, outgoing, love doing new things and want a great opportunity in the wedding and event industry email your resume to ASAP! Interviews conclude on August 12!

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