Swing Batter Batter

With the world series game 1 tonight I thought why not have some fun, and how fun would a baseball themed wedding be! The Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals have the color red in common so I began there with red bridesmaid dresses. For Texas accent with blue flowers and for St. Louis accent with yellow flowers. If your favorite team doesn’t have red, blue or yellow opt for a vintage feel with shades of brown and accents of leather. If you’re a Rangers fan have your bridesmaids bring their cowboy boots, and if you’re a Cardinals fan top your cake with little birds. For either team it’s easy to take your guests out to the ball park. Serve coke in old fashion bottles, grilled chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and ice cream cones with the cake. Have your guests see you off with sparklers and even add some fireworks in there for a real night at the ballpark feel.  What would you add to this baseball themed wedding?

Images via: A field journal, hello naomi, Southern Weddings

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5 thoughts on “Swing Batter Batter

  1. Beautiful baseball post! Go Rangers!

  2. Love the baseball inspiration post!!


  3. golf says:


    […]Swing Batter Batter « Zinke Design Weblog[…]…

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