Real Bride: Jacqueline & Brett

I am so excited to introduce you to Jacqueline, Brett and their little guy, Dallas! Jacqueline came to us in March and we have had a blast with her since then! She knew exactly what she wanted from colors to the music and we can’t wait for her wedding this Friday at The Mayo Hotel! Jacqueline has a background in violin so the music was very important to her. I definitely have to say that her ceremony music is the coolest thing I have ever heard! We can’t wait to share more with you soon, until then here’s Jacqueline’s story on her relationship with Brett! Happy wedding week Jacqueline and Brett!

I had been working at a gym for a few months and my manager had been injured for a while, so there had been different area directors temporarily filling in for her. I never knew who my boss would be come Monday morning. Sometimes there would be no boss so I got pretty comfortable managing myself. One Monday morning, I was running a little late. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, so even though I wasn’t going to make it in on time, I still had to grab a coffee on the way. (Back then, I was practically useless without my coffee and I was going to be late anyway.) I walked into work and noticed that everyone was pointing toward the manager’s office and talking amongst themselves. I walked over to my co-workers and they told me that there was a new replacement- his name was Brett. I knew of his name because all of the other clubs called each other from time to time, so I might have even spoke to him once or twice. Before I could introduce myself, he walked toward me; he smiled and said “Oh, are you my receptionist that was supposed to be here at 9 this morning? I’m Brett, nice to meet you.” I knew right then and there he had to be mine. A couple of months later, he finally got the courage to ask me out on our first date and the rest is history. We spent almost every day together. I eventually left the gym and we continued dating for a couple of years. In February 2010, we found out we were expecting our first baby. We couldn’t have been more excited. Dallas James Copeland was born on October 26, 2010, and he never ceases to bring joy into our lives each and every day. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. Later on in the summer, I came home from work; pregnant and exhausted, to find Brett sitting on the couch with a worried look on his face; he might have even been sweating a little bit. He told me he had changed some of our decorations around (you don’t mess with a pregnant chick who spent the entire weekend nesting). I didn’t hesitate at all, and I hastily walked over to the art niche by our entry way he was referring to, prepared to unleash the hormones- only to find the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, hanging from a golden ribbon. I was so dumbfounded, all I could do was stare. I turned around to find Brett down on one knee, asking me to marry him. He truly is my best friend and I can’t picture my life without him in it. Everyday I spend with him is better than the last. I can’t wait to marry him. 

Images via: Traina Weddings

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