Real Engagement: Jen & Steve

Last November it was a quiet day in the Zinke office, only Jen and I were in and Arin was in and out running errands. Jen had a busy night ahead, but neither one of us had a clue with what was really about to happen. Jen stepped out for lunch and I got a call from Arin. She asked if Jen were there, I told her no, she said she would be right in. When Arin got there she told me she and Jen had a “meeting planned for that evening, but she needed to move it to south Tulsa because of time constraints with another matter.” I could tell something was off. Arin then proceeded to tell me Steve would be calling Jen to tell her she needed to run by their house because he left the front door unlocked and wouldn’t be home until late… this was getting more fishy by the minute. I told her ok… and she told me I needed to encourage Jen to go by the house. I asked Arin if they really had a meeting and I received a blank stare! OH MY GOSH! I knew what was happening! “Is Steve going to propose,” I asked? Arin said she wasn’t sure, but had a feeling it may be “something like that.” Soon after Arin jetted out the door and Jen returned from lunch. Sure enough Jen was busy preparing for a meeting with Arin in which “she had no clue as to what she wanted to talk about,” and got a text from Steve. “Oh my gosh!” Jen said, “Steve needs me to go by the house on my way to meet with Arin! Are you serious, I don’t have time for this!” The whole time I wanted to burst out in a huge smile, but kept my back to Jen acting busy on my computer while ensuring her she would have time. I knew I couldn’t let her leave the office too early to get to her “meeting with Arin” so I just kept ensuring her that Arin would understand. She agreed. As soon as she was gone I had to see what my co-worker Kristin knew so I sent her a text, “hey what should Jen prep for her meeting with Arin?” Kristin didn’t know of a meeting so I had to spill that Arin was acting funny, and so was Steve! We were freaking out, could it be? Sure enough a few hours later Jen and Steve were engaged! He set up their whole house with pictures, rose petals and dinner to ask our co-worker Jen if she would be his bride!

It was so much fun to work with Jen and Steve from their engagement all the way through their wedding journey! They chose Josh McCullock to photograph their engagements, Jen’s bridal portraits and their wedding day! The day they shot their engagement photos in Oklahoma City it was 30 degrees and windy, absolutely freezing! Jen and Steve were shivering, but Josh snapped away and we all fell in love with the images! In addition to the images below you can see more of their shoot on Josh’s blog HERE. Stay tuned tomorrow for Jen’s bridal portraits and a story you do NOT want to miss!

Images via: Josh McCullock Photography

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