Kiss Me, Kate

In the September issue of Vogue magazine you will find a gorgeous celebrity wedding. The wedding of Kate Moss has an album of over 40 images online and we can’t wait to see more images in print. The images shot by Mario Testino capture the most amazing setting. The delicate touches like ruffles on dresses and icing detail on the cake are captured perfectly. Through the images you can feel the love and joy of the day. Yes, I know we are wedding planners; girls who love everything about a wedding from the dress to the venue and place settings, but this wedding is stunning. Click HERE for more images and an article from Vogue, and HERE for more on Mario Testino. Thank you Kate for allowing your wedding to go to print, it’s not often a celebrity wedding lands us with images like these, and thank you Mario for these images that are perfection.

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2 thoughts on “Kiss Me, Kate

  1. sheelbeel says:

    That group shot is incredible. And the cake looks divine. I love how bright and airy everything looks!

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