Alice in Wedding Land

I’m absolutely in love with this gorgeous image by Elizabeth Messina! How perfect is this dress full of texture and loveliness for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Begin by sending out simple invitations; you could even put a key in each one for a fun twist. Decorate with tea cups, tea pots and pocket watches on the tables, and dainty china for place settings. Incorporate playing cards for table numbers, escort and place cards. Use frilly texture flowers like peonies for arrangements in soft shades to compliment the china. To dress up the event place a top hat on the ring bearers head and tuxes for the wedding party. Call my cheesy, but if my name were Alice, and I were getting married, I would highly consider an Alice in Wedding Land themed reception – ok bridal shower at least.

Images via: Elizabeth Messina – Kiss the Groom, deviantart, Sweet and Saucy,  the drifter and the gypsy, Style Me Pretty via Pinterest, Pinterest, This is Glamorous 

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6 thoughts on “Alice in Wedding Land

  1. Abby Tankersley says:

    My sister in law Lauren told me about this post. It is beautiful and exactly what I’m wanting to do for my wedding in may. Do you have any more pictures or ideas to go with this theme?

    Thanks in advance!
    Abby Tankersley

    • Hi Abby!
      I’m glad Lauren sent the link to you! Actually, I just put these images together based on a Pinterest and google search. There are great wedding sites like that has a Little Black Book vendor list to find rentals in your area. I would begin by thrift store or farmers market shopping to put together things like china, pocket watches, tea cups, etc. Since these items are more “vintage” than “modern” you will more than likely need to purchase the items rather than renting them. I’m sorry I don’t have any more specific pictures for you, but wish you all the best planning your wedding for May!
      xo Christina Leigh

  2. R L says:

    So gorgeous, I would love to see more pictures from this wedding.

    • Thank you, since this is only an inspiration board this was not an actual wedding. However, if I ever do an Alice in “Wedding” land themed wedding I will be sure to blog about it!
      xo Christina Leigh

  3. Jen Clark says:

    OMG! I adore Alice and Wonderland. Pretty sure I want to be her! Best blog!!

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