Why Use a Wedding Planner?

We often get asked, “why should I hire a wedding planner for my wedding day?” We promise it’s not just so we can be swept up into everything that is love as much as we do love, love. We enjoy getting to know our brides and what is important for their special day, but we are also here to take care of everything. Whether it be keeping the ring bearers attention long enough for the bridal party to take a few photos, tying the sash around your wedding gown or coming to the rescue with bobby pins, safety pins, a tide-to-go stick or a kleenex for mom – we are there.

(Images via: Ace Cuervo, Candi Coffman)

We are there through the entire planning process so on the day of your wedding Aunt Sue isn’t trying to keep track of everything to run a timeline. We are here to make sure the lighting is perfect and every last detail is taken care of, so Uncle Bob doesn’t accidentally forget the cake. We are here to make sure your mind can be at the end of the alter where your soon to be husband will be standing. Here to make sure you as a mom or dad, or sister or brother can spend the wedding day with your loved ones. So when it is time to put your shoes on, and walk down the aisle, we have the timeline and the checklist to make sure everything is in place.

(Images via: Ace CuervoCandi Coffman)

Why we think it’s important to hand all of the details and production over to a planner we are also here to help you with you budget. Preston Bailey states it best in his ARTICLE on who to call first. He says, “nonetheless, it’s in the bride’s best interest to call a planner first. A good planner will help a bride understand the process and give her a sense of which expectations are reasonable and which are unreasonable.” That is exactly what were are here to help you with.

Town & Country Wedding Advisors also have a few tips on why to hire a wedding planner:
“If you dream of a party where every detail is perfect. If you have your ideal wedding in mind but don’t quite know how to bring it to fruition. We are the little elves that wrap the presents and put them under the tree and turn the lights on and have the stockings stuffed and we disappear up the chimney before the children come down.” 
– Bronson van Wyck
“In addition to serving as a producer, designer, guest manager, concierge, counselor, diplomat and negotiator, one of the greatest benefits of hiring an event planner is his or her gift of giving brides the ability to “be in the moment” and be 100% present on their wedding day. I think, unfortunately, many brides and grooms can get so stressed out on their wedding day that they are not emotionally present and are not able to embrace and remember everything that is happening. Such a tragedy! When a bride works with an event planner, they should have 100% faith in that person and consequently should be able to relax, enjoy, and remember every second of their wedding day.”
 – Lisa Vorce
So if you are looking for a wedding planner, designer, producer, negotiator, counselor or someone to help guide you through this once in a life time journey – look no further. It’s wedding season and with wedding shows like the Tulsa Wedding Show in town this weekend it’s time to plan 2012 weddings! Contact christina@zinkedesign.com for more information on how she can help you on your special day!
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