Real Bride: Ashley & Lincoln

We are so excited that Ashley and Lincoln’s special day is this weekend! I want to introduce you to the fun couple, but I will let Ashley share their story:

On June 29,2009 I was heading west bound on 31st street, in Tulsa, OK, to go meet a girlfriend for lunch. As I was approaching the intersection at 31st & Peoria, I decided to make a blind left turn. The second I turned, I hit a car. It didn’t take me long to realize what a huge mess I had just caused. Before I knew it, there was 2 fire trucks, police officers and 2 ambulances to our rescue. My car, and the car I hit, were obviously totaled. As I sat under the tree at 31st & Peoria, the tears were rolling down my face, the guy I hit (Lincoln) assured me that everything was going to be ok and that he was not mad. I signed my ticket the police officer gave me and I made sure Lincoln had my phone number in case of any questions thoroughout the insurance investigation. One week later, Lincoln and I touched base on facebook and we went and had drinks.  We started dating shortly after. A year and a half later on Dec.6, 2010, Lincoln took me to our wreck site and asked me to marry him! We are getting married July 23,2011:)

Congratulations Ashley and Lincoln! We can’t wait for your big day!

Images via: Aaron Snow Photography

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