Real Bride: Sarahbeth & Taylor

When I met Sarahbeth almost a year ago you could tell right away she was the definition of a southern belle. She has beautiful blonde hair and is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. Sarahbeth and Taylor (their friends call them SB & Pip) met at the University of Texas and they are absolutely perfect for each other. When the two decided they wanted a growing up slideshow, but didn’t want just pictures I knew I had just the person for them. Enter, Walt Beazley of JAMES WALTON PHOTO. Walt, who was also their wedding photographer, was more than happy to meet Sarahbeth and Taylor in Houston one weekend so shoot their video. Houston is where they now call home, and they wanted to include Daisy, Taylor’s chocolate lab, in their video too! The video was a huge hit at the rehearsal dinner, and I hope you enjoy it also! One of my favorites is how the music transitions, what is your favorite part of the video?

Video via: James Walton Photo

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One thought on “Real Bride: Sarahbeth & Taylor

  1. […] with dessert trio as the final piece before beginning toasts to the happy couple. They also played THIS in place of a traditional picture slideshow shot by WALT BEAZLEY. Thank you Sarahbeth, Taylor, […]

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