Drinks & Desserts

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t quite come back to reality after a wonderful (long) holiday weekend. So, since there isn’t another holiday coming up for a while I thought I would throw a party on today’s blog post! How adorable are these colors for a drinks and desserts party? Fresh strawberry or raspberry, peach or orange and lemon sorbet paired with vanilla and lemon cake. Serve orange, mint and rose cocktails; the color and flavor palate is light and summer fresh. Pull the menu together with the decor by adding some fresh flowers and fun chairs. You could also send out a cute invitation or find some precious place mats. The more I fantasize about this fabulous party, the more I want to make it a reality… I think I just may. Who would like to be on the guest list?

Images via: Design Sponge, Wolf and Willow, Martha Stewart, Julyens, Simply Fun Stuff, Nordlijus

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2 thoughts on “Drinks & Desserts

  1. sarah says:

    what a beautiful post and blog! thanks so much for featuring my non-alcoholic cocktail.


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