Icing on Top

Once again, I am addicted to PINTEREST. I love finding gorgeous images and piecing them together in a never ending puzzle. Today it’s gloomy in Tulsa so I began with this fun image by the ocean. The wind blowing this pretty peach dress, perfect ocean blue-ish color and overcast sky set the color palate for today. I loved themed weddings, and how perfect is this carnival picture. Pale pink and teal shades are perfect for gorgeous florals and how amazing is this cake; it’s just the icing on top of this inspiration board.

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4 thoughts on “Icing on Top

  1. Plum Pretty Sugar says:

    Love the inspiration and all the soft colors! Beautiful!!



  2. carla ashley says:

    Love the images you included above! I, too, am COMPLETELY addicted to Pinterest right now. I actually did a recent post about it on my blog, The Pretty Dish: http://theprettydish.com/2011/04/26/my-interest-in-pinterest/

    Follow me and I’ll follow you back! 🙂

    Carla http://www.theprettydish.com

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