Real Bride: Jennifer & Alan

Last July when I met Jennifer and Alan I could tell they had something special right away. The pair from Texas couldn’t take their eyes off one another and reading their story now I know why.

Jenn and Alan are both pharmacists and met each other in San Antonio at the start of their careers. The first time Jenn saw Alan she said his big, blue eyes melted her heart. Although neither of them were at a great place to pursue a relationship, they became friends. About a year after they both found themselves in Dallas and the timing was perfect! They bought a dog, then a house, but one thing was missing. For Jenn’s birthday the two headed to Mexico with their best friends, little did she know the three of them had been conspiring to make this birthday a very memorable one. Their first night in Mexico the two friends were too tired to hang out so Jenn and Alan had a nice dinner and went for a midnight walk on the beach. Jenn said, “We walked down a long pier just chatting and watching the ocean; then he gave me this look. I can’t describe it, but I will never forget it. He got down on one knee and asked me to grow old and wrinkly with him 🙂 Who couldn’t resist that.” Jenn thinks it took her ten minutes to finally stop crying, but she said yes!

The two will be getting married this May and we are so excited to share such a special time with you both. Congratulations Jennifer and Alan, we are so happy for you!

Images via: Candi Coffman Photography

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