Real Bride: Sarah Beth & Brian

When we met Sarah Beth and Brian at The Tulsa Wedding Show last year we knew we had to be a part of their big day! Their big day is tomorrow and their story is one for the record books!

Brian and Sarah Beth met their first semester in college at Oklahoma State University in the fall of 1999. It was love at first site for the two who were both in the Greek System, and after a few weeks the couple soon began dating seriously. After a year and a half of dating, one night Brian walked Sarah Beth home across campus, and surprised her when he stopped on the east side of the library next to a small set of stairs. Brian pulled out of his jacket pocket an AGR drop and promised Sarah Beth after they graduated, he would buy her a ring and they would one day get married.

But, the “Happily ever after…” doesn’t end there. Brian and Sarah Beth eventually went their separate ways, she to Minneapolis, and he to Oklahoma City. Eight years passed. Although the couple no longer spoke, they ran into each other every fall at OSU football games, and often thought of the other. Finally, late on a Monday night in August of 2009, Brian got up the courage to call Sarah Beth. He told her that he thought of her often, and wondered if there was any way they could give the relationship another chance. Again, they were inseparable.

Eleven months later, Brian sent Sarah Beth a red rose and a note that said “Surprise!” It was the beginning of a scavenger hunt, and the object of the hunt was to find a dozen roses. The first clue sent Sarah Beth to the theater that they watched their first movie together. It was there she received another rose and clue; each clue was a memory that led her throughout their college town. When she found rose eleven, the final clue, it read “I think you know where I am”.  Sarah Beth made her way to the Library and she spotted Brian holding her final rose. He had never given anyone twelve roses before.  His dad gave his mom her first dozen roses when he was born, and Brian always knew that he would buy his wife the first dozen.  He handed Sarah her final rose and said “you know I don’t believe in fate, but I’m starting to believe I’m wrong. I always knew it was you. Even when I wasn’t with you, I knew you were the one for me. Help me believe in fate. (bending on one knee) Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins, will you do me the honor and be my wife? They were standing in the exact spot he had made the important promise nine years earlier.

Congratulations Sarah Beth and Brian! We are so excited for the two of you and so happy to be a apart of your big day!

Images by: Montag Photography

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