Still Wishing…

Yesterdays WISH post was such a big hit that we’re still wishing today. This pastel pink, purple and silver board has a girlie Christmas written all over it. I found this tree and absolutely love it, but I’m sad I don’t know where I found it (if you know please share so I can give you credit). So whether you are celebrating this upcoming weekend with friends or family our wish for you is that it’s happy and bright!

Images Via: Google Images, Pizzazzerie

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2 thoughts on “Still Wishing…

  1. teddiesforbettys says:

    My WISH would be to have Zinke Designs constantly re-designing my house per holiday. You girls are SOOOOO good!
    PS- Several people have included the Dream Catcher Robe with their purchases this holiday season. They look stunning!

    • christinaz1 says:

      Thank you, Ashley! We would love to re-design your house, but we’re sure it’s wonderful already!
      We love the Zinke Dreamcather Robe and love that your customers think so too! They’re a perfect holiday gift (we may be a little biased)!
      Happy Holidays!

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