What’s Your Wish?

When I think about Christmas the first colors I think of are red and green. From cards and candy canes to sugar cookies and stockings this inspiration board suns it up for me. It’s the time of year to wish for things you usually wouldn’t and snuggle up with loved ones. I have to admit that a puppy is on my Christmas list (like it was last year) so when I saw “Bossy” from the JL DESIGNS blog I couldn’t leave her out of this post! What are you wishing for this Christmas?

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5 thoughts on “What’s Your Wish?

  1. Jaclyn Rae says:

    I love the colors! This makes feel all happy and excited for Christmas 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. JL_DESIGNS says:

    you are so sweet! bossy really is SUCH a rad dog – we just adore her and are loving our first christmas with our new pup!! 🙂 xoxo, c

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