Real Bride: Falynn and Alex

Zinke Design is so excited to begin sharing with you our brides! We realized that you only get to know them after their wedding day when we post pictures of their gorgeous events (we may be a little partial). We get to know them long before their big day and want to share with you how wonderful they are! Falynn Moak is our first bride to kick us off.

How they Met:

Falynn and her soon to be groom Alex had the exact same friend all through college, but nothing ever came of it. They even attended a friends wedding in Durant, Oklahoma where Alex asked her to dance, but nothing came of it until they saw each other the first weekend back to school. After a night out with friends, they all piled into the back of a car and when they turned a sharp corner Alex sneak-attack kissed her. They saw each other the next day at the campus bookstore and have been together ever since.

How He Proposed:

Alex and Falynn try to make it a tradition to go to a nice dinner every year before they go their separate ways for Christmas, but this last holiday season was a dinner they will never forget. They decided to try and amazing steak house called Brenner’s on the Bayou in Houston. Falynn says they had a great meal but she noticed Alex was acting a bit weird, wearing a jacket (which he never does) and kept fidgeting with his pockets, but thought nothing of it. After dinner they went outside to take a few pictures in front of the log cabin restaurant, surrounded by trees, with fountains with Christmas lights everywhere. Alex asked Falynn to take one of him by himself so he could give it to his grandparents as a gift. Faylnn agreed and after the picture turned around to put the camera away. When she turned back he was on one knee! Neither Falynn or Alex could completely remember what was said, but Falynn remembers being shocked and saying yes multiple times. After dinner they met all of their friends at Dave and Busters for a night of bowling and fun!

Alex and Faylnn are getting married October 9, 2010 in Tulsa and we are so excited to be apart of their big day! Congratulations Falynn and Alex we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Image via: Encre Photography

You can see more great engagement shots of Falynn and Alex HERE

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