Wide Open Spaces

I am in love with today’s ceremony site. It screams wide open spaces straight out of the picture perfect country. Add gorgeous blooms of ruffled peonies and dainty dahlia’s and you don’t need anything else. The personalization of each bridesmaid dress is the perfect touch to this bridal party. I love the lace details on the cake, adorable flags in the champagne and that the theme of the day is simply stated, love. I would love to attend a wedding in a location as perfect as this. Have you ever been to a wedding under the wide open sky? Tell us about it.

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2 thoughts on “Wide Open Spaces

  1. Savannah says:

    Love those peonies. And am REALLY loving the dahlia and rose bouquet with the must-have lavender bridesmaid dress. Swoon!!! The ladies on the sailboat– what a great idea! And mixing and matching a variety of vintage-chic bridesmaid gowns is amazing.

  2. christinaz1 says:

    Aren’t the colors and details simply divine! Thank you for the comment Savannah! We love to hear our readers feedback!

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