Cold Front

This morning I got to work and began my daily routine, but something was off. I figured oh well this too shall pass and kept going. When it came time to start blogging I started with SOUTHERN WEDDINGS and it hit me. This photo, of the dress hanging in front of all of these vibrant colors, turned on the light bulb, it’s not 104 degrees today! A ‘cold front’ came through and it’s only supposed to be 94 degrees in Tulsa. Whew, with the clouds out and the sun not beaming on the black top I thought I would put together a bright summer board. The dress came from WSCOTTCHESTER‘s website and once I began clicking, I couldn’t stop. So, here you have it a bright, summer inspiration board filled with frilly and girlie flowers, a snazzy tie and adorable Chinese lanterns. I love summer and the cold fronts that come with it.

Images via: wscottchester

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2 thoughts on “Cold Front

  1. nice shirt says:

    Very nice site, still trying to digest it all but like what I see. Will comment more soon.

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