Alternative Bridesmaid

We all know the dreaded bridesmaid dress is bound to come across your path one day. Today I have put together a few alternative options that any bridesmaid would be lucky to wear and any bride would be flattered by. What is better than individual style, vintage details and capturing adorable photos? You can use the same fabric and create different styles or pick a color palate and let your individuality shine. How cute would these blue dresses be for a beach wedding?

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3 thoughts on “Alternative Bridesmaid

  1. Those blue dresses are adorable for a beach wedding! I love them!

  2. jocelyn says:

    Where are all of these images from??

    • christinaz1 says:

      Amy, Aren’t they just adorable!
      Jocelyn, I wish I knew. I have been stocking up on them for awhile from various blog sites. I am trying to do better at noting where I get a photo from! I’m sorry I can’t help. you could always check out Anthropoligie’s new bridal line or J. Crew for alternative dress ideas.

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