Red, White & Blue

Today’s blog inspiration began yesterday, and was going to be just blue, but it has turned into much more. If you follow Zinke Design on TWITTER you know yesterday we were working with THE BRIDES OF OKLAHOMA, THE FRENCH BOUQUET & PENWEDDINGS for a secret to be released in January. (All I am sharing is the color blue.) But, because the Zinke twitter feed is full of #USA excitement (and I’m not even that into the World Cup) I thought why not add our awesome flag into today’s inspiration. On top of that, I am still in love with yesterday’s BLOG so I began adding in red. Next thing you know plans for the Fourth of July began to buzz around… So here you have it; everything red, white & blue! I promise I will not fill the blog with red, white and blue everyday from now until the fourth (even though it is very close) but I had to share with you everything I am looking forward too. I hope your plans for the holiday weekend are coming together great and today’s blog inspires you to root on the USA and show your patriotic pride.

Images via: Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Sarah Seven

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One thought on “Red, White & Blue

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