That Feeling

Do you remember that feeling of the first time you saw the huge ferris wheel at the fair? I sure do, and I don’t ever want to loose that feeling. It was like Tinker Bells pixie dust was falling on me and the world had stopped spinning. Whether its a ferris wheel, your favorite treat or the spring flowers in bloom I hope you enjoy today’s blog and it takes you to your special place.

Images: Ilovelolliblog, Kimberly Creagan, Coco+Kelley, Just be Splendid…

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5 thoughts on “That Feeling

  1. Moriah says:

    Beautiful post. Very inspiring 🙂

  2. Just noticed you were also from Tulsa! Hello neighbor 🙂 Great post…love love love bokeh photography!

  3. christinaz1 says:

    Thank you Moriah!
    Hello Mrs. Sassy Bride! Hope you’re staying dry today in Tulsa!

  4. penny. LA says:

    Love the entire retro feel of these photos…

  5. Weddingish says:

    Indeed this took me to a special place. Lovely. ❤

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